Maja Fedora - 7452-TM537 - Rigon Headwear

Maja Fedora - 7452-TM537 - Rigon Headwear

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Hand crafted in fine woven Madagascan Raffia the Maja Fedora is a mannish shape and features Japanese wire in the brim edge allowing for creative styling. Complete with a beautifully tied matching coloured scarf finished in a loose tied bow.

This very fine Madagascan Raffia has taken days to be created by our artisan craft people. It is super breathable, lightweight and work for most occasions.  

Material: 100% Natural Sustainable Madagascan Raffia 


  • Hand Woven
  • Fully Adjustable Head Size 58cm
  • 100% natural Raffia
  • Spot Wash
  • Breathable
  • Wire in brim for styling and shape perfection